Thursday, May 19, 2005

Great ways to earn money through website's.

Webmaster's World

Who should read this blog:

1.If you are looking for a source of income through Internet.

2.If you are a webmaster (Own a website) or intend to have one.

3.If you have the ability to dream and succeed.

4.If you want to earn handsome money with just a PC sitting at home.

If you satisfy any of the three conditions above, then this blog will change your life and source of income forever. First add this web blog to your list of favourites, so that you can read it later if you have less time now.

If you think this blog is about some ad typing, surveys, or data entry jobs which rarely pay and fraud people, you are wrong.

You asked "This blog is for webmaster's , so if I do not qualify for condition 2, still can I benefit from this blog?"

The answer is "Yes", you can.

This blog should have been named "Internet Income for Dummies" or "Work at home opportunities for Dummies", as it explain's every part and every step in great detail. If you are an experienced webmaster, you can skip the relevent sections.

A] Web Designing

Website designing means designing a few webpages in HTML, Java or any other scripting languages and putting it in a systematic manner.

Should you know these scripting languages to design a web page?

Not, at all. You can use a HTML editor (WYSIWYG) like Microsoft Front Page or Namo WebEditor. Microsoft Front Page comes bundled with Microsoft Office XP. Namo WebEditor trial version is available for free download at

If you can create good pages in MS Word or Powerpoint, then you can create good webpages using the above HTML editors or any other web editors.

So you can start by creating simple pages and later on try with some thing more difficult. You can also start with creating blogs. Blogs are just like websites and are very easy to create, just like this one. Just go to and start creating blog sites.

B] Source of revenue's for a website

1. Direct Revenue's: Direct revenue's are those revenue's which the website's generate directly. For eg. . This website works as a link between Buyers and web designer's. The website gets commission on successful completion of contract. Some other examples of direct revenue's are Paid Dating sites, Auction sites, Classifieds sites etc

2. Indirect Revenue: Indirect revenue's from website's mainly comes from advertisements placed on website's by others. Any kind of website or even blogs can generate a handsome income through Indirect Revenue. Moreover your site need not be complicated one or linked to a database like the sites which create direct revenue's. Your website may be of few webpages or it may even be a blog. Some example of these site are

Query: If I make a simple website, who will place ads on my sites? How will I be able to find an advertiser to place ads on my websites? I think this is useless!!

Google Adsense: Google adsense has changed many a lives around the globe and it is the most preferred revenue earning program for webmaster's. I will write more about Google adsense later.

Google Adwords: Google adwords is the life-mate of Google adsense. It is the most preferred advertising program for webmasters. (i.e Advertiser's here) People who wish to advertise their websites join Google Adwords and bid on keywords ( phrases related to their sites) and pay Google as per clicks generated to their websites. More details about adwords can be found at

Back to Google Adsense: Google diverts the ads received from Adwords program's to the publisher's websites who have joined Google Adsense. You just require to sign up for adsense and place a bit of code they give you on your website. The ads shown on your website will be automatically related to the content of the webpage. eg. if you have a webpage on Work at Home business opportunities, all your ads will also be related to the Home Based Opportunities. This is called contextual advertising. More details about Google Adsense can be found at

Some people after going through the adsense program ask me: What if I myself click on ads? Caution: Never do this, you will get yourself banned from adsense for life. You should try to earn income from a legitimate means and not by frauding google's advertiser's who may be just another guy like you and me. Moreover, Google has the technology to find out artificial or fraud clicks by logging in IP address, referrer's, Cookies stored on PC's etc. So please follow Google Adsense Program policies and see to it that you do not violate any terms.

The objective of this blog is that you earn money by using the Internet in a legitimate way.

This is the end of part ONE of the blog. Viewers of this blog are requested to add comments to this blog by clicking the comments link below. You can also post your doubts and queries here.