Saturday, May 21, 2005

More means and doubts clarified !!

Begining of Part 2.

Lets continue from where we left:

Just to summarize in short - Following are the means one can earn through websites:

1. Google Ads - The Google Adsense Program

2. Other Advertisements - From other advertisers.

3. Direct Revenue - Generated directly by a website.

4. Affiliate Revenue - Affiliate revenue means, you place other website's or products ads on your website and you are paid as per tasks acomplished. For eg. If you join Friend Finder or Adult Friend Finder Affiliate program, you are paid when a user clicks on the ads on your website and join's their site through your reference. Some sites pay PPC (Pay Per Click) , whereas others pay PPL (Pay Per Lead), ie. per email ID entered, and many even pay Percentage of sale. eg. the matrimonial website in India.

I will be discussing each one of these in detail, in my blogs.

So if you ask me which one of the above means of revenue generating plan do I prefer?

I will say - why not try all of them !! Yes, you can try all of them and decide which one works best for you. This is because I earn from adsense more in some sites, whereas on some sites I earn from other means. So you should decide it on a website case - to - case basis, instead of applying a thumb rule.

Somebody at a forum asked me: Is it necessary to know HTML or register a domain and buy a hosting plan to earn money through websites?

The Answer is a Big NO. Not at all needed. Infact you can create websites with zero investment. There are many sites which provide free hosting plans. Or you can even start a blog like this one. You can go to and create your own blogs in a two minutes time. Later if the content you made is rich, you can also post ads on it.

The obvious question you might be having in your mind now is: After making a website, how will I get traffic to my website?

The answer is: You need to Optimize your websites for search engines like Google. This is known as Search Engine Optimization.

I will discuss some best ways of optimizing websites in my future blogs to come.

End of Part 2.