Monday, May 23, 2005

Driving Traffic to your websites !!!

Driving traffic to your website is the most difficult part of making money through websites. However if you have a proper game plan and use the right techniques you can hope to increase traffic every day by atleast 10%.
A website without traffic is of no use and naturally you will not earn anything out of such sites. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means optimizing your site for better placment on search engine. For eg. Suppose you are looking for a free dating website at Coimbatore, a city in India. Then, you search for "free dating at coimbatore" on any search engine. Thousands of result are thrown out by the search engine but most users visit just 1st and second page i.e. around 20 first results. These sites are considered more relevent by the search engines.
About more than 80% of the users relly on Google search and its impotant to know how google ranks a websites.
Page Rank: Page Rank is a method adopted by Google to measure a web page's importance on a scale of 1 to 10. i.e. 0 is the lowest rank and 10 the highest. As on today has a PR (Page Rank of 10) and has a PR of 9. To know the PR of your website you can download the google toolbar available for free download at
Why is Page Rank important?
Ans: The better the PR, the better it ranks on the search engine results.
So how can I increase my PR?
Page Rank is measured by taking into account varies factors. But one thing which is important is the Inbound Links. Inbound Links are your website's links placed on other websites. Google ranks a page for importance. So if number of people are linking to your website, then that means that your page might be important. However, you should place such links only on related websites with good PR (i.e atleast 3).
These measures will improve your PR and the overall ranking of your websites. This in turn will drive traffic to your website.
Another way to bring traffic is through banner exchange or text link exchange programs eg. On these sites you can exchange your traffic for fresh traffic from other sites in the exchange.
You can also email to opt-in-list emails or safelists . These are people who have opted to receive such emails and cannot be considered spam. However one should not email unsolicited mails under no circumstances.
You can also post advt. about your websites on other websites, forums and groups. However, there is nothing like a top position in search engine, as this brings consistent taffic without any effort.
End of Part 3..
More to follow on bringing traffic to websites and other means of earnings from websites sitting at hoe. you can post your doubts and queries by clicking the comments link below.